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67th Annual Island Race - Ram Island Yacht Club
Crew: Brian, Seth, Bob & RW
Winds: ESE 9.5 kts, peak gust 15
Weather: Few clouds morning, clear by noon, 75 F, 30.32
Current: ebb - 0630 North Hill, flood - 1350 Race Point, 1300 Napatree
Start time: 1020
Start/Finish: Groton Long Point / Ram Island
Course: counter-clockwise Fishers Island; Distance: approximately 14.5 nm

Our strategy was to minimize exposure to adverse current and maximize the effects of favorable current, which we accomplished very well. I misjudged the current at the start, and with the pole already up, could not head up enough to avoid the push over the line. So we lost a minute or more returning for our restart.

After the set we had a good spinnaker reach well west of the fleet towards Race Point and switched to the genoa halfway past Silver Eel. Stubbornly running the spinnaker maybe longer than we should and now a bit wide of the buoy and unable to cut Race Point as close as I had hoped, we ended up in more chop than I had planned.

We rode the current out fifteen minutes or so past abeam Wilderness where we took a starboard hitch towards shore and at the nexus of smoother water / less wind, then port tacked out to the layline.

At Lords, we bore off, set the pole, hoisted at C7 and continued on starboard well inboard of Latimer’s then jibed to port for the finish.

SeTherin - First in Class, First Overall Corrected Time

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Saturday - 08/18/12
Crew: Brian, Seth & RW
Wind: NE 2 to 6, avg 5 kts
Weather: OVC, light rain & drizzle, 65F, Baro 29.88
Current: ebb 1145 NH
Start: 1 nm SSW of Seaflower
Course: s/f-WMK2-LMK-WMK2-s/f, Distance: 5.8 nm
Shrouds: at Base

The RC dilly-dallied and did not start the race until 1220 waiting for the wind to fill.  When the wind is out of the north, it does not fill what have is what you got.
The start was excellent, and we had a good first leg to a windward mark off the airport, but slowed somewhat at the mark by the overtaking larger boats of the next class. Had we favored the right side on the first windward leg, we may have faired better, as I believe the wind had clocked by the time we got to the mark.

We rounded in quick set & jibe and felt real good for the first half of the run until the wind began dying. We recouped some of the loss as we were able to fetch the second windward mark without a tack, as th ewind had clocked significantly. Yet, three to four minutes short of the mark, the wind died again, making the final run to the finish quite painful.

Anatomy of a DFL

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PS: Other than Jolly Mon placing 3rd & Stealth not competing, the results nearly replicate the scratch sheet.

1 Ursa Minor              Reichart    Evelyn 25             148   01:32:46 01:26:23
2 Checkered Demon  O'Connell   Holland T/2         162   01:36:32 01:28:08
3 Jolly Mon                Loveday    C&C Redwing 30  195  01:41:47 01:28:48
4 Swiss Cheese           Maxwell     J24                       171  01:40:17 01:30:24
5 Wunder Dog           Mortensen  J24                      171  01:40:39 01:30:44
6 BLind Monkey         Scaduto     J22                      186  01:54:17 01:40:56
7 Se Therin                Magner      Catalina 22           273  02:15:30 01:47:01
   Stealth                    Greenfield  Evelyn 26 OD       174 DNC

Crew: Dan, Seth & RW
Course: 1.42 nm at 170, 3 laps. Lords C7 windward mark, Distance: 8.36nm
Current: ebbing; Flood began 1255 at Napatree
Wind: SE 5 to 16, avg 10.5 kts; 100 to 210 degrees
Weather: 75 F, DP 71, Baro 29.92, cloudy

·     I was discombobulated with the current and remained on starboard following the start (the unfavored tack) for what I thought was current relief. The ebb would not begin for another two hours or more.

The remainder of the race was smooth; good boat handling by Dan & Seth.

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Saturday – 07/21/12       
Crew: Brian, Bob & RW
Winds: SE 8 kts, occasional gust to 11, Baro 30.08" Temp 74F
Current: ebb - North Hill 1252
Start/Finish: a mile west of Seaflower
Race 1: Course: s/f- DM(125 at 1.30)-s/f * 2
Distance: 5.3 nm
Race 2: Course: s/f-DM(125 at 1.30)-s/f - DM(150 at 1.8)-s/f
Distance: 6.4 nm
Shrouds: @ 8 kt setting

For both races, We favored the starboard tack on both laps, as did the majority of the fleet. In the first race, both windward rounding’s & sets went smoothly, and we felt good about our performance as evidenced later in the results with a second place.

Crew: Brian, Monica & RW
Winds: SW at 7 kts, Baro 29.82" Temp 84F
Weather: clear,
Current: ebb - 0902 North Hill, ebb all day
Start/Finish:  Vixen Starting Area
Course: s/f–Y–E–V–R–s/f; Distance: 9 nm
Shrouds: +0,+1,+1

We had a reasonable start on starboard then tacked to port at first opportunity towards Pine Island to work out on starboard along Black Ledge. I felt encouraged by our beat to the windward mark when caught and passed a couple of the trailing Ensigns.

On the spinnaker reach down toward Silver Eel we passed another Ensign.  Out ahead I saw the two leading Ensigns (Bonanza & ) had dropped their spinnakers and were beating into the mark. All our competition had already jibed around the mark and escaped  prior to the wind change.

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