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Ram Island - 08/27/2000
Current: ebb 0924 North Hill, 0949 Race Point, flood 1535 Napatree

10th, 22 in class
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Ram Island  - 1999
Gilley’s Funeral

Ram Island – 08/30/98
Crew: Dennis McAfee, Bob & RW
Flood - 1145 North HIll, 1108 Napatree, factor 2.0f
Wind: SW / S 4 to 8 kts
Clear, Hazy, 85
Flood: Race Point 1140

We got a good start for the beat to Race Point, current not a great factor.  We sailed out past NH a good distance prior to tacking for the point.
Set the spinnaker at Race Point and hugged the shore down the backside.  I lost count of the jibes for current avoidance as Dennis did a great job with the pole. We were pushing our luck a few times, and got close to some swimmers along Isabella Beach.
Beat and reach to the finish. Elapsed Time: 373 minutes
3rd / 8 in class.  Our first RI 'Round Island' Race with a spinnaker & our first finish in the money.

Ram Island – 08/17/97
Crew: Bob, Seth & RW
Ebb: 1027 Race Point, 1017 Napatree, factor 4.0e
Wind: SW 6 to 10 kts, Clear 80

Ebb began shortly after the start.  Very strong ebb at Lord’s & Napatree.  We should have considered the beach east of Napatree point then the CT shore, or tried tucking inside between Cans 7 & 9 before crossing.   Seth steered for most of the race, all windward legs.
7th out of 8

Ram Island "Inside" – 08/25/96
RIYC ‘Around Fishers Island Sound’ Race
Inside Race
Crew: Tom Barclay, Seth & RW
Flood began 1448 at NH, 1423 Ram Island, factor 3.6e
Course: HR-SE-VL-SG-RI, 7.3nm
Wind : 230, 6 to 8, 12 finished with 10

It was an inside race this year due to the remants of ------ 
Seth steered first leg, a light air beat to Silver Eel, reach to Vixen, fresh spinnaker to Stonington Gong, and beat to finish
8th out of 10.

Ram Island - 08/27/95
50th Ram Island ‘Round Island Race’
Ebb: 1212 Race Point, 1413 Napatree, factor 3.4e
Crew: Bob & Rob Fagan, RW
Start Horseshoe - 0830
Race Point – 1000

Two foot sea at the start, ebb began at 1115 halfway down the back side of the island. Wind died 1300 to 1500, a drifter.
The wind took a 2 hour intermission at the Watch Hill MOA.  We probably would have withdrawn had we an outboard. A breeze slowly built out of the east and  built to a strong beam reach to the finish near Gate’s Island at 1723.  The Committee boat was no longer on station.  Picked up the mooring 1815.
8th, 16 in class
We were the last to finish. The remainder of our class DNF'd.

Ram Island - 08/28/94

PHRF 288
6th, 16 in class, 14 started

Vib               255.03
MadcaP        257.91
Blarney         260.42
Badinage      263.80
Caper            266.22
SeTherin       269.96
Atelier          271.62
Maria           277.53
Serenity        278.72
Glory Be       278.75
Stardust       283.95
Tara             287.22
Tradewinds 289.38
MidnightSun 293.79  San Juan 24
Growtiger    295.20
Scimitar       DNS
Tern About  DNS

Ram Island - 08/29/93

8th out of 10 in class, 9 started

Jester          136.23
Madcap       137.53
Serenity       137.87
Atelier         141.10
Tara             143.59
Blarney        143.99*
Tradewinds  146.73
SeTherin       149.14
Tern About   151.77
Badinage      DNS





36th Fishers Island Yacht Club  ‘Round Fishers Island Race
September 5, 1992, Saturday, Course: Clockwise; Start 1012
Flood – 1252 Napatree Point, 1342 Race Point
Wind – ESE 12-15 kts; Temp66 F, Baro 30.42
Crew: Seth, Bob & RW
Non-spinnaker – 11 boats

On starboard, we were thirty seconds late to the line at the start. Also should have favored the committee boat more so to maintain the first tack longer, prior to being forced to tack due to Middle Clump.  Winds were 12 kts at the start, so we used windward sheeting (a first for Bob) without practice.   Crew on the rail, Seth just fwd of the aft stanchion, & Bob fwd cockpit combing, just aft of stanchion.  I could have feathered better in the gusts, as Seth gave me plenty of warning. It is difficult to play the mainsheet with present setup.  The Current was in our favor down to Lords.

A lot of traffic at the top of the pass, required a couple extra tacks for avoidance, overstanding slightly as a result.  After rounding the MOA at the bottom of the pass, we broad-reached up the south side of the island.  I considered switching to the drifter, but was too concerned about snafus.  With the clocking, we tried wing&wing near the end of the island, which was a mistake, we should have reached up instead clear of traffic.

We rounded Race Point amidst many boats to a beam reach, wind 15 kts. We hugged the shore too close on a course half way between the Silver Eel buoy and the harbor entrance and twice clipped rocks.  From the sound of it a couple boats behind us did more than clip them, though I was too busy to look, Bobby busy trimming the genoa in the frequent gusts.

Nearing the North Hill buoy, we began to reef for the beat to the finish loosing some time in the rounding to finish the job.  With finish directly upwind in the high teens, the final beat was boisterous and the finish line hard to locate in all the traffic.

A "1st Place", our first since moving to Connecticut.


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