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Mason Island Regatta – 08/17/19
Wind: East 7 to 13 kts
Current: ebb North Hill 1300
Start: between Horseshoe, R26 & Vixen R28
Course: s/f-WMK-s/f * 2
     R1- 090 at 1.1 * 2; Wind 10.8 kts
     R2- 090 at 0.9 * 2; Wind 9.1 kts
Crew: Adam, Brian & RW
Rig at 12, #1 Genoa 

It was a low visibility and very rainy day especially one for which the forecast was for only 20% precipitation. In both races we had good starts in light rain, increasing throughout both races to downpours on the last downwind of each.

In the first race, sailing back out from the beach on port we discovered we had overstood R26, so at 1154 we decided rather than bear-off, to tack for the Horseshoe Passage.  We should have bit the bullet, born off and continued offshore as on the east side of Horseshoe we had to bear off for the windward mark anyhow as evidenced by the chart.

We won on corrected time by 3-minutes but had to withdraw when we discovered sailing north of R26 was prohibited on the SI’s. 

Shortly after crossing the finish the rain ceased as did the wind for the better part of an hour, but eventually picked back up (accompanied by rain) from the same direction but with less intensity.  We finished the second race with a 2nd. The boat did not feel as good this time round, due to less wind or maybe seaweed collection on keel & rudder.  We had backed down prior to both races, though it was very difficult to avoid the many patches of weed. 

So, with a second place and forfeiting the first, we finished with a 4th place.

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Wind: SW 5 to 12 kts
Current: North Hill 0845 flood, 1355 ebb
Start: southwest of GLP 26 (Horseshoe Reef)
Race-1 Course: s/f-wmk-s/f *2, 1.25 nm at 255 degrees
Race Length: 4.85 nm; Wind 7.5 to 12 kts
Race-2 Course: s/f-wmk-s/f *2, 1.0 nm at 230 degrees
Race Length: 3.9 nm; Wind 5 to 11 kts
Crew:  Brian, Dan, Josh & RW
Rig at 10, #1 Genoa Light

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62nd Annual Round the Island Race
Wind: E clocking to  SE 8 to 12
Average Wind: 130 at 10 kts, 5 to 16 
Current: flood Napatree 0935, Ram Island: 0940, Race Pt: 1000, North Hill 1005
Start & Finish: West Harbor
Course: clockwise
Race Length: 14.55 nm
Crew: Adam, Brian & RW

Of the 25 FI Round the Island Races we have done with our first in 1992, only 9 have been clockwise.   
And this year's clockwise course had us sailing eastward along the north shore in a building tide arriving Lord's Passge at maximum current, the strongest of our 9 races clockwise around the island.  

We had a very good start and held our own nearly halfway to Lord's.  Approximately abeam East Harbor, our competition began to stretch out their lead.  Offhand, I cannot think of anything we could have done differently as our sailpower/boatspeed was not sufficent to sail to our ratiing against such a adverse current.

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