Crew - BB, BF, SR & RW Distance - 4 nm The start was near the old MRMSA - X - between Horseshoe Reef and GLP 24, with a little over two hours left of the flood in 10 to 12 knots of wind out of the southwest, and two lap WL course of one mile legs at 230 degrees.

We had one of our best starts of the season a third of the way down the line on starboard to windward of Jolly Mon and Cosmic, with Sanibel, Tumult and Get Fuzzy trailing. We continued out on starboard with a bit of lift from the current on our port. Jolly Mon was first to cross, then Cosmic and tacked on their hip, followed to the layline and rounded behind them with a good set.

Jolly & Cosmic were able to sail directly down the rhumbline successfully, where we had reach up thirty degrees or so. Following a crowded rounding with the J24 class, we covered Jolly & Cosmic on port, rather than follow the lead of the J24?s and repeat the previous course- a major mistake, as starboard was the lifted tack with more wind on the left side of the course. Tumult followed the J24?s, beating us to the windward mark significantly. We traded a number of crosses with Sanibel prior to running into a major header near Seaflower allowing Sanibel to pull away. After rounding in eight knots of wind, it continued to fall to four and six on the trip to the finish. Finishing fifth boat for boat, we corrected to third.

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