Crew: Brian, Seth & RW
Current: ebb 1718 Ram Island High Tide: 1532
Wind: 260, at 3 to 10 kts (shifted to 360 near the finish)

Following very good start (in a 6-8 knot breeze, in the upper quarter of the line), we found ourselves slipping sideways, not able to hold with No Problem initially to our lee. They pulled ahead eventually to our windward. We tacked a short while on port to clear air and followed the class out on starboard to deeper water with the thought- this early in the ebb; the current may be less off shore. We were nearly the last to tack back to starboard, which we held to near the layline.

Approaching the layline, almost clearing Crystal Slipper, we finally had to throw in a duck. Back on the layline we found ourselves in a cluster of overtaking larger boats sucking up all our wind. It took two more attempts to clear the mark for a good bearaway set, by now far behind the class. We had a good downwind & douse at the mark.

This time we extended on port near shore, with the thought of less current there this late in the ebb, and overstood some for a long layline. Following an excellent set, we jibed at the first opportunity. The port jibe worked good all the way down the run short of the finish. I had kept her high purposely in the ebb, to preclude a tight reach at the finish. I noticed Tumult reach in and finish ahead and to our starboard. After dousing spinnaker, they hung at committee boat to see if they had the time to correct ahead of us.

A couple hundred yards or less from the line the wind dropped from 8 to 4 knots, clocked and headed us 100 degrees. Brian and Seth noticing this as it was happening, quickly raised the genoa and dropped the spinnaker as we began a drifter to the line in a strong cross-current to make the finish with little room to spare at the pin.

I have yet to solve our re-occurring pointing issue.