Wednesday July 26, 2006
Crew: Brian, Seth & RW
Current: Ram Island 1831 flood Low Tide: 1705
Wind: 200-205 at 5 to 10 kts

Following a good start (in an 8 knot breeze, the farthest down the line), we tacked to port as Watercolors began to shadow us to windward. No Problem tacked shortly thereafter and eventually overtook us to windward. Nearly all the boats with the exception of Watercolors tacked to port for the lift from the ebb. I screwed up and remained in No Problem’s wind shadow too long. There may have been less wind on our side of the course, as the boats in the middle faired better. A long starboard got us up to North Hill where a short port tack took us to the layline in good position for the spinnaker set.

Watercolors took a flyer and stayed on starboard for good distance east where eventually a port tack took them through the islands to arrive first in class at the windward mark. There must have been more wind on the east side of the course, especially the upper half near Flat Hammock coming out of West Harbor.

I can find no fault in our first downwind. After a smooth douse, we tacked to starboard and the east side of the course to benefit from the push through the Dumplings and shaved a couple minutes off the time of our first upwind.

On the second downwind, we went east and had less wind I believe sailing in the shadow of North Dumpling, though it may have been diminished either side that late in the evening.

Our times were: First windward leg - 35 minutes Second windward leg - 33 minutes First downwind - 21 minutes Second downwind - 24 minutes

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