Yesterday was our first race and sail of the season. Monday, Seth, Brian and I launched her, then raised the mast and assembled the running rigging with the assistance of Kevin. Crew: Brian, Seth & RW Current: flood 1903 Ram Island

Our Wednesday night race started in five knots of wind about a half hour past high tide. The Race Committee posted a two lapper .75 nm to the southwest at 240 degrees. With a decent mid-line, mid-field start we bailed to port too soon fearing the shadow of the larger boats. This set the stage for the whole evening, too many tacks. We had smooth spinnaker set at the windward mark & a good run downwind thanks to Brian and Seth. The RC called it at after three legs at the top of the course. We made the finish in just a whisp of wind finishing next to last a few minutes ahead of Doone. If it had not been for a slack current, the race may have been abandoned. It was a lovely sail just the same.

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