Date: 06/16/2004 Log Entry: Race
Distance: .0 Weather: Clear, Wind SW 6 & less Current: Flood 1646 RI
Course: s - W - s Crew: BB, BF, SR & RW

Mudhead Wednesday Night 06/16/04


Our first race of the season. After a short delay the the RC re-positioned the start line farther south just outside of the Flat Hammock approach to West harbor (Fishers Island).


Starting near the committe boat on starboard, with Sanibel slightly to leeward, we found ourselves pinned to windard and slow. Had we stared farther down the line we could have sailed a fresher course towards Clay Point as did Jolly Mon & Cosmic. Half way to Clay Point we sailed into a hole as did Sanibel some distance ahead, as Jolly Mon, Cosmic & Tumult tacked to port in a good breeze just outside of West Harbor. 


The remaining classes were stuck on the line, making no progress, so about fifteen minutes into the race the RC abandoned the event. Back to Spicer's we motored for a few beers & BS.