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Donzo WNR – 062420
SW 4 to 6 , Gust 8
Current: edd North Hill 1413, flood Ram 2027
Start: off Horseshoe, R26
Course: s/f to DM 1+ nm
Race Length: 2 laps 4+nm
Crew: Adam, Josh, Dan & RW
Rig at base. #1 Genoa 

We were past mid-ebb at the start & decided to start on port a third down the line trailing Cosmic, and avoided the starboarders with no problem. Sans Souci crossed just ahead on starboard and tacked to our windward. It shortly became evident we were down on boatspeed. I can't fault our strategy, tactics or boat work.
Our results were the worst than in a number of years.
My thought is due to the late launching & rushed preparing and not disconnecting the keel cable allowed a good amount of sea weed to collect on the cable. 

The GP76 & e7 were on the fritz, so no chart.
Link to results