Donzo WNR – 080719
SE 7 to 11
Current: ebb North Hill 1700
Start: off Horseshoe, R26
Course: s/f to W (West Harbor)
Race Length: 4.35 nm
Crew: Brian, Dan, Josh & RW
Rig at 10. #1 Genoa

At the gun we were on time near the starboard end on the line slightly ahead of Cosmic, yet not close enough to the RC as Gimlet squeezed above us and the Eddie Maxwell.  Cosmic tacked first and we both ducked Gimlet’s stern to continue out on port in a fresh breeze for 3-minutes prior to a long starboard eastward. While on starboard, Sans Souci crossed well ahead on port at about 1807 (chart).  On our subsequent long port, we crossed comfortably ahead of Sans Souci (1817, lesson) and shortly there after Cosmic crossed on starboard towards what appeared Flat Hammock R2.  
Here we should have tacked and covered Sans Souci from a safe lead position.  See 05/22/19 chart with similar wind direction & current conditions for comparison: []
Rather than persist on port through the Dumplings (where we squandered our significant lead) we should have tacked instead towards Flat Hammock (lesson for discussion).  
Strangely, Cosmic tacked back from their initial starboard Flat Hammock course to round South Dumpling to port similar to us and suffered even more in their bear-off, though they had more power against the current to round the island ahead.  Sailing along the north shore of Fishers and observing Sans Souci & Merganser making trees on the lee east side of the Hammock, we realized the significance of our mistake.

Following a smooth set at the windward mark, we made up some time on the downwind, especially after the jibe to port inside R2 and working up towards the current lee of North Dumpling, while San Souci sailed the rhumbline in more adverse current.  Yet, we were still short at the finish by a minute, 35 seconds.

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Merganser, Cosmic & Sans Souci