Current: ebb North Hill 1812 
Start: west of GLP 24 
Course: s/f-I-s/f * 1.5
Race Length: 2.37
Crew:  Adam, Brian, Dan & RW
Rig at base, #1 Genoa Light

All factors indicated a light air evening with spotty wind.
We were fairly happy with our first lap, but not so much with the remainder.

We had a reasonable start most starboard near the RC, close enough for my ears to ring for better part of a minute afterward.
Should we have tacked in the header at around 1809.5?
Ran into a wind-hole about 1813.5, which after tacking to starboard took us a while to work out of; fortunate for us, though not so for some of our competition that remained stuck there for a while. Merganser shook loose of the wind-hole to round Intrepid slightly ahead. The air appeared light in the middle on the rhumbline to the leeward mark, so we favored a little more pressure to the northside toward GLP, while Merganser took a more direct route to round ahead. 

We decided towards the end of the downwind to favor the left side of the course along GLP for the next upwind and reaffirmed that at the leeward rounding, that strategy went south shortly east of R24 (1855) where we may have fared much better had we tacked offshore.

Fortunately, our fleet results don’t affect our points standing. 

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