Wind: E 6 kts
Current: flood Ram Island 1945
Start: west of GLP 24 
Course: s/f-R-s/f, 2.1 nm at 104 degrees
Race Length: 4.2 nm
Crew:  Adam, Brian, Dan & RW
Rig at base, #1 Genoa Light

There was a low overcast & and occasional low visibility at times. We had good start running down the line, most starboard & windward boat at the gun.
After a short starboard, we chose a long port for significant lift in the deeper water of the ebb towards West Clump.  Intrepid was lost in fog less than 0.2 nm as we passed abeam.

All three of us, with Cosmic & Merganser in the lead tacked about the same time, with Cosmic rounding first around Ram Island Bell R-20. Merganser had been deeper into the south side of the channel near West Clump so were able to lay the bell without a tack.

We covered Cosmic & Merganser slightly to port across the Mystic River towards Groton Long Point.  Following our jibes to port as we neared nun R-22, Cosmic, Merganser & Jolly Mon (1 boat-length behind us) continued offshore.  But, the breeze offshore was not enough to compensate for the current, which we avoided to eventually benefit from a slight push nearing R-24 and cross the line within 2 seconds of Jolly Mon.  

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