Wind: S-SSE 8 to 8, gusts 12
Temp 66-62F, Baro 30.16
Current: ebb North Hill 1942 
Start: west of GLP 24 
Course: s/f-N-s/f * 2
Race Length: 5.8 nm
Crew:  Brian, Josh, Dan & RW
Rig at 10, #1 Genoa (Fries)

Viewing last night's chart, I have no issues with our track other than an apparent header at about 1819.
Had we extended a bit more on port following the leeward mark rounding we may have gained over the slower port up at the North Dumpling.  

Wonder why our missing competitors San Souci & Merganser didn't show?
My only explanation for our lack of pointing, must be due a needed bottom scrub.
I was late to the line again.
We forgot to set the rig for the conditions, and set it after the start. 
The spinnaker halyard not being setup on the port side was my fault at around, which hurt us at the the leeward mark, as we doused earlier than necessary.
I felt frustrated steering last night.  
The move in close to N. Dumpling helped on both downwinds, for current avoidance and and wind. 
On the first downwind, a jibe out to port past N. Dumpling seemed to get us out of the shadow of the island sooner than the second time around.  
The two big problems were boat speed & pointing.
Hopefully, next week's scrub will fix that. 

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