Wind: SSE Average 11.5 kts, gusts 14, lulls 9.
Temp 61-57F, Baro 30.22-30.24
Current: ebb North Hill 1425 
Start: west of GLP 24 
Course: s/f-W-s/f; to Fishers Island West Harbor and back
Race Length: 4.1 nm
Crew:  Brian, Josh, Dan & RW
Rig at 14, #1 Heavy (Waters)

Following a hectic few days getting the boat ready and in spite of a few setbacks, SeTherin and crew made the opening night of the 2019 MRMSA Donzo WNR series.  
About 10-minutes on the late side leaving the dock and accessing the wind & weather conditions motoring paste Groton Long Point, we decided to swap from the Light#1 genoa (already on deck) to the Heavy#1 with 7-minutes to the 5-minute warning and stepped up the rig for 14 kts.  

Off to the west side of the committee boat I made late turn, making for tardy start and trailed the whole class across the line by 30-seconds or more.  One advantage, we were slightly above everyone in clear air and appeared to be gaining a little. It seems everyone had run down the line. Cosmic started near the pin as they often do and launched into the lead.  Three to four minutes into the race with Gimlet about to overtake them to windward, Cosmic tacked to port with the others following suit over the next minute. 

We continued nearly twice as far prior to a long port tack towards Flat Hammock buoy.  Cosmic crossed ahead of us on starboard as we approached the buoy then tacked to port. Coming abreast the buoy, Cosmic led ahead to our lee at about 11 o’clock and continued to the beach.  Near Hammock’s southern tip we took a short starboard hitch prior to a final port to the layline. 

Cosmic rounded ahead followed by Nonsuchs (Gimlet & Bananaquit having taken a course up the westside of South Dumpling & along the shore to “W”) then SeTherin with lead Class 2 boat, Zallee on our stern and Sans Souci a couple minutes later.

We rounded with a good set and hung on starboard to the FH buoy, then jibed for a long port favoring west of the rhumbline.   We appeared to gain a little from current relief & better wind compared to the boats ahead- Cosmic, Nonsuchs, Zallee and San Souci trailing behind, all five taking a dead downwind course to the finish.  A final jibe to starboard took us across the line, fourth boat for boat, 3-minutes, 27-seconds behind Cosmic (with the gun) and comfortably ahead of San Souci by 21-seconds for the win.

Due to the dwindling J24 fleet and Thunder Chicken’s absence, Jolly Mon & Zallee have been moved to Class 2.

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