Wind: S 7 to 16 kts, gusts 20
Current: ebb North Hill 1425 
GON: 79 to 75f, Wind SSW/SW 15-7, G18 Baro 30.23
Start: west of GLP 24
Course 4, s/f-N-s/f
Race Length: 6.0 nm
Crew: Brian, Dan, Josh & RW

On the motor out with the #1 heavy on the deck , we were on the fence as to the #3 jib till along the south shore of Groton Long Point where we were seeing mid-teens with an occasional gust of 18.  Rigging the main then the blade put us uncomfortably close to the start, but got sorted out in the nick of time approaching the committee on port, flopping to starboard at the gun to be windward of the class but down somewhat on speed.  It was a long starboard, yet we were higher than all the boats ahead to our lee and eventually pulled abeam of Merganser and Sans Souci well to our lee.

Gimlet led the class and chose the Dumplings’ channel, while Sans Souci, Merganser, Jolly Mon and ourselves chose east of Flat Hammock the north shore of Fishers. Jolly Mon was the first to tack and crossed us towards mid-Hammock and we followed while they put in a reef. We then took another starboard out to clear the southern tip of the Hammock prior to a port for North Hill bell.  For some reason Jolly Mon continued well south (overstanding immensely) towards the FI shore prior to their port tack.  

We rounded the mark shortly after Gimlet for a good set to sail the Dumplings’ channel with the current. I overstood slightly for the jibe, though worked back up for a smooth windward douse short of the leeward mark. 

We rounded behind Gimlet with Jolly Mon close behind.  JM was first to tack as we extended a short while in the lesser current.  On this second upwind I often wished for the #1 Hvy as JM pulled ahead.  Nearing the Hammock, Jolly Mon crossed ahead to sail the south side of the Dumplings’ channel, while we opted for the north side of the southern channel along Fishers again.  On this and the previous long port towards the North Hill bell we were slightly overstood (even more so this time), yet the smoother water and less current appeared to be an advantage as Jolly Mon had not gained any, to round just ahead of us.

We ended up with a wrap on the bearway hoist which took a minute or more to sort out, delaying our port jibe (now heavily favored) to the finish.

Two Wednesdays in a row with very fresh ‘winds’

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