Wind: S 4 to 10 kts, gust 12, lulls 0
Current: flood North Hill 16:35 
GON: 79-75f, Wind 5-10-7, backed from SE to E@1820 & ENE@1840
Start: near Horseshoe (start at 1800)
Course 4, s/f-DM-Lmk-DM-s/f, 110 at 0.82 nm
Race Length: 3.4 nm
Crew: Brian, Josh, Ted & RW

The flood had been building for an hour and a half by race time nearly straight down the course from the windward mark. We had a good start in clean air midway down the line, the rest of the class up to windward near the RC. But the boats starting near the Eddie Maxwell were farther south and able to weather GLP24 while we had to tack around it and then sailed deep into the cove as did other boats around us. On the tack back south the wind began to die, eventually to zero (zip) as we neared GLP22.  Drifting backwards to the west we deployed the anchor for about five minutes till the breeze gradually came back.  Our effort to get past GLP22 took nearly 15 minutes compared to less than 4 minutes on the second lap. 
For both of our downwinds, we jibed to port shortly after the rounding. In both cases I overstood the leeward mark & the finish, jibing late though don’t think it hurt us much.
First lap took 47 minutes while the second was only 35 minutes.
We finished with a 4th, good enough for a first in class for the WNR Spring Series.

It was nice having my son in law Ted Gifford, an experienced sailor for his first race on SeTherin.

Link to charts: 1st Lap, 2nd Lap, complete race

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