Abandoned except for Class Three

Wind: SSW 7 average upwind, and diminishing downwind to zip
Current: ebb North Hill 15:00 
Start: near Horseshoe (start at 1805)
Course: Course 2, s/f-N-s/f
Race Length: n/a nm
Crew: Brian, Adam, Dan & RW

The Race Committee decided to start the Class 3 sport boats first so our gun was at 1805, five minutes later.
We were successful in starting as I wished at the boat for I felt it would get crowded at the pin in the strong right to left current and little wind.  We had planned on going right as there appeared to be better pressure to the west and swapped to port soon as we felt comfortable. Eventually Merganser overtook us to windward, so we took a short tack to the left. In retrospect should have planned on tacking sooner so as to tack on Merganser’s windward hip, as that wind lane was better than where we eventually tacked. We road port out to very near the starboard layline, then nearing the buoy a very short set of tacks for the rounding.

With a jibe to port immediately following the rounding we worked westward for better pressure eventually the farthest boat west other than Wild Horses and to lead our class boat for boat and in position to drift down to the finish for the gun (our first ever) when the RC terminated the race.   

Only the Class 3 completed the race prior to its being abandoned. 

For some reason the GPS chart recording was switched off so I don’t have chart to share with you.