Wind: S 3 to 8 kts, gust 10
GON Baro & Temp:  29.94” & 70F
Current: ebb North Hill 17:10 
Start/Finish: near Horseshoe (start at 1805)
Course 4: s/f-NH-lmk/finish (shortened to one lap); 
Race Length: 2.75 nm
Crew: Brian, Adam, Josh & RW

Early on, our strategy favored the right-side of the course, verified in the pre-start wind check. We had a good start running down the line by ourselves in a light breeze less than4-knots to harden up at the gun safely short of the pin and lead the class off the line.  Once settled down and up to speed, we switched to port tack safely crossing the class.  Shortly thereafter, Cosmic & Jolly Mon followed suit, eventually passing us to leeward. Merganser was the only other boat of our class to join the port tack parade, slowly gain on us as well, though they had to tack off as they closed on our stern. In studying the chart, we may have benefited from a very short tack towards the middle at about 1817. Though the air was so light, a tack may not have been wise. .

The air began to freshen farther offshore and we extended a good bit after Cosmic & Jolly Mon crossed us. But the pressure softened closer to the mark in ebbing current, requiring a short port to round the bell for a smooth hoist & set. Shortly after nearing North Dumpling for our maximum SOG of the night we took a long jibe to port to ride the greatest pressure of the evening. Returning to starboard, the race now shortened to one lap, we crossed behind Cosmic & Jolly Mon close enough to correct to first.

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