Wind: average 260 at 11; 9 to 12 kts, gust 14 & 16
Current: ebb North Hill 18:55
Start/Finish: near Horseshoe
Course: 1.1 nm at 260, s/f-DM-LMK-DM-s/f
Race Length: 4.1 nm
Crew: Adam, Brian, Josh & RW

We ran down the line at the start trailing San Souci, to cross just short of the pin at the gun (as Sans Souci ran out of line) and continued out on starboard, then took a port hitch towards the middle half way up the course.  We switched back to starboard when Jolly Mon overtook us to windward, crossed behind Gimlet, then comfortably north of Seaflower took a final port for the layline to trail Gimlet & Jolly Mon around the mark with a good set.   (Our first starboard upwind was approximately 210 but 15+ degrees higher & somewhat stronger near the top of the course.)

We covered Jolly Mon on starboard jibe then slightly inside them on a port to the leeward rounding.  Jolly Mon and Gimlet continued out on port from the bottom of the course while I chose starboard soon as we were cleaned up for a tack. (Starboard was now twenty degrees higher than the first upwind, and the wind showed no sign of dying.)

Rounding the top mark, with the wind now clocked 20 degrees from the first upwind to 230, we took a port all the way to the finish, possibly benefiting from a ebb beginning along the shore. The wind had picked up some to what felt like 14 and an occasional 16.  We salvaged our time on Jolly Mon with the more direct course as they sailed a course similar to the first lap.  Gimlet got the gun, Barbara’s first but Jolly Mon corrected over them for second.

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