Wind: 215 at 6 to 12, prior to the big wind shift
GON Wind 3 to 14, gust 23: Baro: 29.91 to 29.94 & 77 to 79
Current: ebb North Hill 13:45
Start/Finish: near Horseshoe
Course: 2 laps; 1.2 nm at 220
Race Length: 4.8 nm
Crew: Adam, Brian, Bob & RW

In the pre-start prior to the 5-minute warning we ventured too far out on the rightside of the course, so far as we were not to prepared for the warning gun, arrived back to the line with the timer out of sync & me also.  I had hoped to lead down the line with speed then tack to port for what we figured was favored.  At less than a minute remaining I had to duck Avara and ended up downspeed for our tack to starboard and the gun. After a small speed build we tacked to a long port.  With Zallee stretching their lead ahead, we were the only other boat that chose the right side of the course. Short of the layline we took a hitch in closer to the mark for quick rounding good set, behind Zallee, Jolly Mon & Cosmic.

Down the run, we saw Zallee, Jolly Mon & Cosmic round the leeward mark and continue out on port. Nearing the mark, it appeared to me their port tacks were headed somewhat from the first. With a timely windward douse, we rounded the leeward mark in close quarters with 3 boats, inside & to windward of Thunder Chicken. Too close for a speed build we tacked to starboard, then favored the left side (where the breeze seemed stronger, maybe not) to the mark. Brian’s call on the layline was good, giving us plenty of time to prepare for the set, another good one.

About a third of the way down to the finish, there was a big wind shift to the north out of a thunder-cell ashore.  Had we recognized it sooner we may benefited from a tight spinnaker reach for a minute or so prior to hoisting the genoa.  As it was, we were behind the 8-ball on both accounts. Once underway with the genoa, we experienced widely variable winds as the two wind fronts contested one another.

Comparison of leg times
1st windward- 0:24:23
2nd windward- 0:25:12
1st downwind- 0:13:24
2nd downwind- 0:21:39

Thunder Chicken finished first in Class 2 & 11th in fleet compared to our 3rd & 16th.
On the chart there is a gap between 1908 & 1910 hours due to the master power switch getting switched off accidently by the spinnaker trimmer standing in the companionway.

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