Wind: 238 at 6 to 16, gust 14, avg 10 kts
GON Wind avg: 10.4: Baro: 30.65 & 72
Current: ebb North Hill 15:15
Start/Finish: near Horseshoe
Course: 2 laps; 1.2 nm at 240 12
Race Length: 4.8 nm
Crew: Adam, Brian, Dan & RW

We chose the pin end to start as it appeared slightly favored as did Zallee, we ducked a couple sterns as we continued on port thinking there to be less current closer to shore.  We took one short tack offshore to insure a clear lane from the overtaking Class 2 then continued to the layline, which surprisingly was right on the mark.  Approaching the windward mark, I noticed Thunder Chicken approaching the mark on a long port, causing me to wonder which side they favored upwind.

We jibed to port shortly after the round as did Thunder Chicken (leading Class 2) a short distance behind, to pass us to windward/port both of us healed to windward most of the way down to the leeward mark.

Our leeward mark rounding was congested amongst a couple Melges-24s, and after our tack to starboard for a clear lane, I wondered aloud where Thunder Chicken was.  They had rounded just a bit before and I noticed them tack to starboard, yet could not locate them so figured they were back on port.  Our long port tack did not feel reassuring as the wind seemed to be less & the boat did not feel right.  Our second upwind was 3 minutes longer than the first, though the downwinds were nearly the same.

On the second downwind I chose to remain on starboard longer sailing our tgtwa to the port layline & also to the finish.
I tend to think at TWS > 10 kts it pays to sail deep heeled to windward. 

Thunder Chicken finish first in Class 2 & 5th in fleet compared to our 4th & 25th.

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