Wind: 238 at 6 to 16, gust 18, avg 12 kts
Current: flood North Hill 15:40
Start/Finish: near Horseshoe
Course: 2.5 laps; 1.1 nm at 240
Race Length: 5.1 nm
Crew: Adam, Brian, Dan & RW

I made a port run down the line planning to tack around to starboard to lead the pack down the line but hesitated too long for the tack, then got sandwiched, and nearly got squeezed out at the committee boat again by Jolly Mon.

Crossing down speed, we tacked soon as clear of the Eddie Maxwell, as did Jolly Mon & San Souci shortly thereafter.  After a a significant time on port we took a starboard hitch, while Jolly Mon & Sans Souci continued out.  Short of Seaflower, we went back to port for the layline, which was a bit of overstand in the current.  We rounded the windward mark a few boat lengths ahead of San Souci and maintained our lead on her down to the leeward mark.  

Shortly after the leeward rounding we chose to tack offshore on starboard with a comfortable lead on Sans Souci.   An experiment with a port hitch north of Seaflower did not work well as the wind was down on a significantly headed tack.  (Compare our other port hitches on the attached chart.)  Switching back to starboard up the west side of Seaflower saw San Souci cross comfortably ahead.  

Rounding in gusty conditions, we started back downhill trailing San Souci significantly.  Timely trimming by Dan in the waves allowed us to close the gap some along with a good douse & rounding.  Back on starboard we followed Sans Souci out the left side of the course.  Sans Souci tacked shortly after clearing Seaflower, while we continued to the layline for the finish.  We must have had better wind on port hitch towards the finish as we made up a good amount of the our deficit and trailed San Souci across the line by only 13 seconds, enough to correct over her for a first in class.

Link to chart