Wind: 155 at 6 to 10, avg 8 kts, backing to 120
Current: ebb North Hill 14:55
Start/Finish: near Horseshoe
Course: s/f-IR-s/f*2; 1.1 nm at 175 
Race Length: 4.4 nm
Crew: Adam, Brian, Dan & RW

Ten seconds late to the line, we tacked to port (as planned) soon as we were clear, as did Cosmic & Watercolors shortly thereafter.  We continued short of North Dumpling, and should have tacked sooner as both the current & air became fluky.  Our next tack on port towards the starboard layline was too soon, as ther appeared to be a back eddy & also once clear of the the eddy our were were too far out to accuratey call the layline.

After an additional tack to clear the mark, we had a good set, a good downwind with a reasonable douse & rounding at the leeward mark. 

 I tacked to starboard to gain distance for clear air, but went way too far not considering how much the wind had backed, making for a disastrous overstand on port.  We approached the mark, painfully bearing off to a broad-broad reach, headed into the current.  After what seemed ages, we finally rounded for a decent set and a nice reach in the backed wind to the finish.

-There appeared to be more wind in the upper 2/3’s of the course & less west of the rhumbline.  
-Boats on the the first beat that continued on starboard for a while at the start appeared to have benefited from fresher wind farther east.

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