Wind: SW at 8 to 14, average 11 kts
Temp: 76 F, Baro: 30.10”
Current: ebbing North Hill 17:15
Course: sf-DM-s/f*2, 1nm at 220; Race Length: 4 nm
Crew: Brian, Adam, Dan, & RW

The class turnout was small, due to the all-day rain storm I assume.  It began to clear some near 4 o’clock though too late for many I assume.

The start area was in the vicinity of the old Mudhead’s “X”, tucked between Horseshoe & Groton Long Point.  We decided to favor the left as there appeared to be more wind to the east of the rhumbline. We had a good start on the line and to windward of Cosmic, Zallee & Jolly Mon, with Merganser & Zara trailing.  Zallee was the first to tack to port. We followed Jolly Mon, with Cosmic farther out nearly on the layline, if not overstood.  Cosmic was first to round the mark, followed by Zallee then Jolly Mon. 

After a short starboard jibe following the set, we jibed for a long port to the leeward, for a timely douse.  We decided on the right for the next upwind, due to the threat of increasing current.  The result was an average COG of 35 degrees off the rhumb versus the 45 to 50 to the left on the first upwind, and was certainly faster by 2 plus minutes.  Average tws on first upwind was 11 kts versus 10 on the second. Should we have gone right from the start? 
The downwind to the finish was nearly identical to the first.

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