Wind: SW at 0 to 6, average 3 kts
Temp: 72 F, Baro: 30.16”
Current: last of ebb, flood North Hill 18:45
Course: sf-DM-s/f*2, 1nm at 190 Race Length: 4 nm
Crew: Brian, Dan, Tracy & RW

The RC chose to setup the s/f in the approach to West Harbor between the Flat Hammock nun & the West Clump can. We were running late and it is somewhat father motor than the standard Groton Long Point starting area.  As we were approaching the line from a good distance yet, I pulled the fuel line at 6 minutes, the engine quit at 5.  Were slightly to starboard of the RC boat, as Brian & Dan stored the motor and Tracy trimmed, we sailed right to the line as the gun went off.   Fortunately with the remaining ebb, we were nearest the committee boat in clear air with Sans Souci, Cosmic, and Jolly Mon & Zallee all to leeward towards the pin along the line, Merganser trailing somewhat behind.

Within minute or so of the start, both Cosmic & Sans Souci tacked to port, Cosmic for just a short hitch for clear air, while Sans Souci continued to the right toward Flat Hammock.  We continued east trailing Zallee & Jolly Mon towards Clay Point, into the shallows, tacked back out then in again.  Maybe flooding there already, there appeared to have been a countervailing current near shore.

Approaching the windward mark, Sans Souci converged from the right and rounded outside of us, pulled slightly ahead to jibe back towards flat Hammock.  We continued east as there appeared to be more breeze there, yet Sans Souci rounded the leeward mark slightly ahead & continued again up the west side.  Our second windward leg was in much lighter wind, and again a review of the chart shows a header approaching shallows.  I surmise on this upwind, there may have been a current boost from the flood alongside the Hammock, giving Sans Souci the edge.

Following a good set we continued out to the east again where we felt the breeze better, with a San Souci going back to the west side of the course. It looked like the wind was stronger ahead, so I maintained a fresh course. We did not think till halfway through the second starboard jibe to edge off the wind to a course less headed by the current and use it to set us toward the rhumbline.  On our final port for the finish, we were all down on the leeward side, except for Dan trimming from the companionway.  I could not see the finish nor the pin as the sail was in the way. I should have used Brian more for guidance to the pin for the final jibe to cross.  As it was, we were swept above the pin & line requiring better part of a minute to cross alongside Quantum Leap.  

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