SeTherin participates in two types of races. Wednesday night races held by the Mystic River Mudheads Sailing Association. On weekends SeTherin races local ECSA races off the shores of Eastern Connecticut and Fishers Island, NY.

Tall Bouy Mudhead Wednesday Series Racing

Mudhead Wednesday Night Race Results 2015
Spring Series Results 5/20 5/27 6/01 6/10 6/18 6/24 7/01 7/08
SeTherin Results 4th  2nd 1st   4th 2nd  4th   1st  4th
Summer Series Results 7/15 7/22 7/29 8/05 8/12 8/19 8/26 9/09
SeTherin Results  2nd  3rd  4th  Abnd  2nd 4th  1st  3rd
Spring Series - 2nd
Summer Series - 3rd
WNR Season Series - 2nd

Small Bouy Eastern Connecticut Sailing Association Racing

Race Dates
2015 Races Crew Results
6/06 Sat Shennecosset YC - Pre Off-Soundings  Adam, Brian, Josh & RW  2nd
6/20 Sat Mystic River YC - Sails Up 4 Cancer Regatta   n/a   DNC
6/27 Sat Thames YC - Cal Brower Memorial Regatta  n/a  DNC
7/18 Sat MRMSA - Mudhead Benefit (Hospice)  Brian, Bob & RW  1st
8/01 Sat Shennecosset YC - Around the Lighthouses Regatta  n/a  DNC
8/15 Sat Mason Island YC Regatta  Brian, Seth & RW  4th
8/24 Sat Ram Island YC Invitational Brian, Sloopy, Josh & RW   2nd
8/30 Sun Fishers Island YC Regatta  Brian, Daphne &    RW  1st/1st
9/13 Sun Thames YC Commodore's Race  n/a  DNC
9/26 Sat SHYC - Lobdell Regatta  n/a  DNC

ECSA Divisional Standings

 ECSA Divison C: 7th; Fishers Island: 1st in Class & 1st in Fleet