Wind: SE 7 to 11 kts
Avg Wind: 160 at 9.4 kts, Baro 30.14" Temp 70 F
Current: flood 1823 RI
Start: West of GLP
Course: s/f-Wmk-L-Wmk-s/f
Race Length: 4.7 nm
Crew: Brian, Dan & RW

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Written by Greg Gilmartin

A friendly dozen in the books!  A quiet pact with the devil.  A couple of clipped chicken feet laid on the altar of rum.  Even a spinnaker bag offered to the tidal gods.   Whatever it takes!   I don't remember 160 magnetic holding true for 90 minutes.  I don't remember so many split tacks.  (Maybe the right was favored with wind, but really, did you notice?)  And certainly DFDW like we experienced last night doesn't happen that often.  We are on the edge of a golden age of sailing.  Or a meteor strike.

No excuses.  These are the nights that set the standards for why we do this dance with mother nature.  Sometime she is sublime and supple, allowing us to do as we wish with our vessels of cloth and carbon.  And the chaos of the day job seems so small in the face of the true experience of an evening messing around in boats.

12 in the books!  The rest are free to give or take.  Go Fast!  Pass Boats!  Tell Stories.   And here are the results with summer penalties.  Next week, a preview of the season standings without penalty.  This week, just savor.

Here are the results for Summer 4, Race 12.