Wind: SW 3 to 5 kts

Avg Wind: 225 at 5 kts, Baro 30.06" Temp 74 F

Current: ebb 1852 NH

Start: West of GLP

Course: s/f-Wmk –L-Wmk-s/f; 235 at .75nm

Race Length: 2.9 nm

Crew: Brian, Dan & RW


In light air, I screwed up and approached from the pin on port too far from the line, so when we tacked to starboard, we were trapped in the lee of those sailing in on starboard.  A minute or so after the gun, it became apparent from our COG, we well down from favored tack, yet we were pinned by boats to starboard.  When we finally tacked three minutes into the race to clear Merganser’s stern, Jolly Mon and San Souci were also doing so well ahead.  


On port to lee  of Jolly Mon well ahead and Sans Souci slightly ahead abeam, we eventually pulled ahead of SS, though not enough to cross when we were forced to tack from the header produced by Jolly Mon’s exhaust.


Tacking past Sans Souci’s stern and not tacking back to cover, we threw all chances away, sailing out of the favorable wind band.

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Written by Greg Gilmartin

You can't rush Mother Nature and we didn't.  A full house of boats rode the zephyrs of a pleasant Wednesday evening for our 11th week in a row of exciting racing.   And just when you thought it wasn't going to happen, the AP came down and the race was on.   Crowded mark roundings marked the night with a shuffle of winners that sent the usual suspects back looking for the correct wind lane.

Kudos to Wave Dancer who heard the Class Three gun for the first time this year...and it was for them!  Bob Wolfskehl and his crew found a way to maximize the 5-7 knot Southwester to taste victory for the first time in their first year in the Olson 30.  They covered for the Class win as well.   Sans Souci, Dragin' Z Ballz, Ticker, Black Ice and Ripcord also scored bullets for the summer series.  And a glass for Clyde Gordan and Merganser!

The light air kept the fleet close together, causing a few references to Rule 18, opposite tack approaches, 3 boat zones and "don't go in there, damnit!".  The red laundry stayed stowed and everyone seemed to enjoy the close in slow motion battles.

Kudos to the RC with Bob and friends in the mark boat and Jim, Bob, Bill & Mimi on signal with yours truly.  From decision to go to first gun was about 3 minutes.  Love it when an opportunity, built on a wish, wrapped around a guess, thrown up on the wall, turns into a plan! 

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results for Summer 3, Race 11