Wind: SSW 10 to 5 kts

Avg Wind: 213 at 8.2 kts, Baro 30.07" Temp 77 F

Current: ebb NH 1815

Start: West of GLP

Course: s/f-N-L-N

Race Length: 4.6 nm

Crew: Brian, Seth & RW


The ebb had already begun, and a last minute wind check showed a slight port favor.  We approached the RC on port with less than a minute to go.  Seeing Cosmic up to windward ahead and Breaking Wind ahead down to lee I turned to tack on to Cosmic’s stern with about 30 seconds to go. As I turned up I found we were tacking right in front of Jolly Mon.  We were able to tack clear without causing Gordie to bear off, yet I bore off too far and we bumped sides amid ship.   Clear of the start line yet in a good deal traffic, we tacked to favored port as planned, the first to do so.


Once established on port, we discussed the 720 maneuver, then proceeded with the least loss.   After our tack, Jolly Mon & Cosmic followed suit, the only ones in our class to do so other than Gimlett.  We did not go as far to the right as last week, but came back to play the middle near the Dumplings, which seemed to work very well and held our own with Jolly Mon & Cosmic. 


Following the rounding, we chose the Dumplings' channel downwind as did the majority, if not all of the fleet.  I chose a less fresh angle sailing by the lee with the spinnaker winged out, and a somewhat shorter course than Jolly Mon & Cosmic to jibe inside of their track ahead.  This may have been slightly slower, but I think it helped.


We had a nice clean douse short of the mark (a bit too soon, yet better than the alternative) and clean rounding amidst much traffic.  After extending on port for clear air, we tacked to starboard as the wind had clocked and there appeared to be more pressure on the left.


After much discussion, we chose the west side of North Dumpling as it seemed to work well the first leg.  I still believe it was the better choice. Though had we tacked out for a short while in the reduced current area west of N. Dumpling, we may have capitalized on it even better avoiding the set between the Dumplings.


Concerned about a dying wind near the Connecticut shore, the RC chose to the finish the race at North Hill.  We finished in second, with a  third for summer season penalties.

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