Wind: SSW 10 to 5 kts
Avg Wind: 210 at 6.2 kts, Baro 29.82" Temp 76 F
Current: ebb NH 1249, Flood 1956
Start: West of GLP
Course: s/f-N-s/f, 1.4 nm at 215
Race Length: 3.2 nm
Crew: Brian, Seth & RW

In yesterday’s last race of the Donzo Spring Series, we experienced a couple of similarities to our first race of the season (link).

·         Ebbing current

·         Port favored (wind & current wise)

·         Starting on port all by our lonesome


A couple minutes prior the warning gun, an initial windcheck gave a preference for starboard.  A subsequent midline check showed a backing trend and paralleling the line back towards the RC a couple minutes before the start, sails eased considerably, cemented our decision for a favored port tack.  All afternoon, the wind had steadfastly maintained in the low to mid-teens, but at the sound of the gun it dropped to eight or less. With a good start near the RC we soon tacked to port as planned.


Target boatspeed was unattainable in the southwest chop and starboard would have been much smoother, yet our COG was favored by ten degrees or better.  A few minutes later we felt reassured as Class 2 followed our example. We weathered Seaflower and continued just short of the layline.  


Upon the rounding, most chose the fresher yet longer course through the Dumplings. We chose to jibe and sail the rhumbline for the half-hour sail back to Connecticut, as did Watercolors, Wunderdog & Stealth ahead of us.  This worked well and we would have made out like bandits had the wind not died ten minutes short of our finish.  Now many of the boats that had taken the longer course through the Dumplings were able to close on a fresh angle and cross ahead.  Luckily, we squeaked across the line just seven seconds ahead of Sans Souci slipping in from the right.

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