Wind: SW 10 to 5 kts
Avg Wind: 242 at 7.2 kts, Baro 30.20" Temp 75 F
Current: flood NH 1506
Start: West of GLP
Course: (s/f-DM-s/f)*2, 1.4 nm at 215
Race Length: 5.6 nm
Crew: Brian, Dan & RW

We had a nice 8 to 10 breeze at the start and chose port side of the line, though soon found ourselves being rolled by boats to windward.  After a short tack ducking sterns, we took two separate long starboards out short of the port layline. There was a problem with a flapping genoa leech (the Velcro cinching no longer holds), so Brian jury-rigged a lanyard to do the job.

The rounding, & bearaway set was smooth for the most part with one small snaggle of the genoa halyard & douse. After a few minutes, it appeared those ahead were sailing too far towards the right corner, so  we jibed to sail fully poled out on port.  This worked very well & doing it sooner would have been even better.   We had a nice douse short of the mark, tacking to starboard at the first opportunity.

The wind was now down to 8 from our first windward leg of 10 plus knots, this leg taking 24 minutes versus our first at 21.  On the downwind to the finish I again tried the poled out port jibe, though with little success in the rolly seas & diminishing wind, now down to five for most of the leg.   It was typical Wednesday evening where the faster boats (Jolly Mon & Watercolors) ahead stretch their lead, benefiting from a higher average wind speed as it trends downward.

In spite of the dying wind, we were able to correct over Cosmic by 18 seconds for third place.  Interestingly, shorthanded Breaking Wind was able to finish ahead of us boat for boat, wing & winging their new 163 genoa.

1st Upwind leg:   TWS 10.2 kts avg, 21 minutes
1st Downwind:    TWS  7.4 kts avg, 21 minutes
2nd Upwind leg:  TWS 7.8 kts avg, 24 minutes
2nd Downwind:   TWS 5.6 kts avg, 28 minutes

Velcro problem on genoa leech.

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