Sunday 09/09/12
Crew: Seth & RW
Course: s/f-Y-SE-V-SE-s/f; Distance: Distance – 13.# nm
Start/Finish: just south of Vixen
Start time: 1120; Finish: 1505; ET: 255 minutes
Current: flood – 1247 North Hill
Weather: morning overcast, 1300 sunny, Temp 67 to 75, Baro 29.85 to 29.79
Winds: N at 6 kts, peak 11, lulls 2; Wind varied N ccw to SW and back 
Shrouds: Base - +1, +3, +2


Seth & I double handed this event as our rest of our team had other obligations. We set the rig for 10 kts, thinking less powered up would be better with only two of us. The race average wind was lighter than expected, so maybe less rig tension would have been better.

We had a good start leading the class towards the pin and carried it out to the left safely short of the layline and were forth in class rounding the windward mark.   Shortly after rounding the windward mark we set the reacher, though we were not the first to do so. The downside came as we began to overtake Born to Run (a Nonsuch 36 that had started five minutes earlier), we could not reach up high enough to overtake her.  We should have doused right away and in the light air may have rolled her. The run following the jibe around R2 was light and shifty, though I believe we held our time on the leaders.

Rounding Silver Eel in a fresh backed wind out of the southwest gave us a close fetch back towards the airport where it again veered to a shifty northerly. On both beats nearing Vixen (and the shore) resulted in (uncommon) starboard puffs as headers. Our final run required a lot of spinnaker work though not as evident in the track as the first.  We lost a bit of time in our douse, then worked back off shore with the idea of avoiding the flood curving around North Hill. The wind seemed to have clocked back northward over the whole course for our final beat becoming lighter and more variable.

Interestingly, with a 6th place finish (10 boats), we were 13 seconds out of 5th, 32 seconds short of 4th and a minute, 10 seconds out of third.   Overall, we felt we did fairly well, just the two of us.

Link to results

I forgot & left our Garmin 76 portable at home, so we don't have the benifit of the GarTrip chart. This chart is a download from the Garmin 441 which lacks the time hacks & SOG info.
Link to chart

Only two boats in our 10 boat class (Ack-Va-Vit & Goombay Smash) were running Kattack.
Link to Kattack chart