Crew: Brian, Bob & RW
Wind: NW at 8 kts, Baro 29.94", Temp 73F  
Avg Wind: 305 at 8 kts
Start: X
Current: flood RI 1613
Course: s/f-I-S/f*2; Distance: 6.5 nm

The RC chose a two lapper to Intrepid and back, with a downwind start in the routine GLP starting area.  I suffered another of what has been a handful of brain-farts this season. Realizing the leeward mark was not the pin too late to prevent an OCS, we had to return losing better part of minute correcting our mistake.

Collecting our wits, we chose to sail in the current lee of Groton Long Point, as did Cosmic while Jolly Mon, Sans Souci & Breaking Wind took a more direct route.

There was a fishing boat anchored at the Intrepid buoy, positioned down current.  With Jolly Mon & Cosmic rounding first, the more direct route seemed to pay off with Sans Souci arriving a half-minute or less ahead.  All three sailed around the south side of the anchored boat, as did Breaking Wind trailing us to the mark. Jolly Mon & Cosmic rounded and sailed out on port.  The last three minutes or so of the approach, I chose to maintain a range, squeaking between the anchored boat & the mark, saving a handful a’ boat lengths. All in all things were looking good.  

Unexpectedly, Sans Souci rounded and tacked to starboard. Did Ted see us prior to the tack, I don’t know?  we were now stuck between a rock & a hard place (buoy & fishing boat)  As a result, (with addition of the significant current push) Sans Souci's bow hit us at about a sixty degree angle at the forward port stanchion.

Somewhat shaken by the incident and not know what the damage may have been if any, I chose to withdraw. 
In retrospect, with a lap and a half left in the race, a part of me wishes we would have hung in there  with a good chance of finishing in the money.

Withdrew at Intrepid (leeward mark)
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Upside Down World

By Greg Gilmartin

I Don't Mean 2 Pout.  I DidMake 2 Predictions.  I DidMiss 2 Points.  It DoesMean 2 Passes.  I D/M 2 P.  Intrepid to DropMark Twice to Port.  SI 6.3, 6.4.  Clearly this will be the elephant in the room around the water cooler.  Too bad most of your friends at work won't know what the heck you're talking about!  That is what makes sailboat racing so much of a passionate pursuit.  A small community taking on challenges that most people wouldn't think about on a spectacular Wednesday night.  When was the last time that guy in the next cubicle rolled his eyes about Intrepid Rock River, where the flood pushes 2 knots.  (There's that number again!)

Gybe set at the start!? Where the hell is my playbook?  I just want to go upwind at the committee boat, tack on the shift, work on my boat speed, not my crew speed!  Playbook?  It's Wednesday night, you know, beer can night, where everyone pretends it doesn't mean anything, right?    NOT!     Crash, bang, thank you, Sam.  May I have another.  

Little boats banging heads - at least two collisions out there.   So we hear on the grapevine. Even red flags flying.   And on a night when some boys broke away looking for the big upset, but only to be slapped with the sound of silence at the finish because of that port thingy.  Damn it!    Who's keeping score?

Here's hat we know so far with 13 in the can..  Wild Horses is long gone, galloping over the horizon with another season of solid showings.  At least this year, they won't have to throw out a 1.   Yea, we got throw outs.   10 races will count this year according to the NOR. (Fine reading say the critics.)  Overall battles rage in  the other classes with 1 point spreads in Classes 2, 3 & 4.  Whose going for the showdown on September 5!?   Jolly Mon feeling right in Class One.  They might just sleep in next week.  There's trophies and glasses and golden haired lasses yet to battle for and one more moment to shine on a Wednesday night when September rolls around and another chance to dance with definitions, defy the wind devil and remind ourselves that the derring do we do is not what everyone does.