Wind: S at 4 kts
Avg Wind: 195 at 4.7 kts, Baro 30.11" Temp 75F
Start:  just west of West Clump
Current: ebb RI 1502
Course: s/f-W-I-W(s/f)
Race Length:  4.2 nm
Brian, Bob & RW

It was three of us again, thankfully quite manageable with the light air.  The start area lay just west of West Clump, with West Harbor’s R6 as the windward mark and Intrepid the leeward.  Our leg up to the windward mark was good, with wind going light short of the mark, and we rounded with in relatively close quarters behind Jolly Mon, Cosmic and Mayaro with San Souci trailing not far behind.

Mayaro some lost time sorting out a bad set. We threw in three jibes before settling in on port for Flat Hammock,  covering Cosmic from behind.  Sans Souci rounded and jibed to our windward maintaining a fresh port over the Flat Hammock reef to point well up-current of Intrepid.  Due to the low tide, we gave the reef a bit more caution. It was a mistake to maintain a range to Intrepid (though it worked for Jolly Mon) rather than a fresher jibe, similar to Sans Souci.  Cosmic & Mayaro favored the middle exiting the West Harbor approach.  They may have had a bit more current in their favor there.  Yet they then were more up-current to Intrepid.

As I remember it, Jolly Mon rounded first, then Cosmic.  Sans Souci approached nearly dead down-current requiring a 180 at the mark and was drifting backwards as we approached and round ahead. As we then found ourselves similar to Sans Souci, and to make matters worse, Mayaro slipped in between us and the mark.  We now found ourselves being rolled by numerous larger boats.  At some point, Sans Souci was able to slip by inside also, as did Breaking Wind.

Once clear, I made my fatal mistake of the evening- tacking to starboard with the thought of covering Sans Souci now far ahead back toward West Clump.  The smart thing would have been to maintain port, benefiting from a current lift till an appropriate time to tack back towards Flat Hammock.

*We were so focused on achieving Intrepid, there was no discussion of the strategy for the next leg.

Sans Souci proceeded east then came up the east side of West Clump, where they ran aground for five minutes or more.  After an aborted attempt on port (in dying wind) to gain the harbor, I decided to go with the current up to alongside the Clump to work our way back.  It very slow going, and a bit short of the line in darkness, the RC gave us a finish time of 2020. 

Congratulations to Mayaro on their first 1st place.

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Actual GON Wx
22 17:56 S 7 CLR 76 62   62% NA 78 30.11 1019.5
22 16:56 S 7 CLR 76 63   64% NA 78 30.11 1019.6
22 18:56 SW 6 CLR 74 64   71% NA NA 30.10 1019.3
22 19:56 Calm CLR 71 64 78 71 79% NA NA 30.11 1019.5
22 20:56 Calm CLR 69 64   84% NA NA 30.13 1020.1


Comments by Greg:


Sometimes ya gotta stick your nose in where it doesn’t belong.  Welcome to Intrepid Rock, Fishers Island Sound, where the current runs like a river and the little black and red can attracts dozens of Mudheads on a Wednesday night. 

Last night, 37 boats converged in the middle of the sound during a near 6 mile jaunt from West Harbor to Intrepid and back.  The light southerly breeze produced flat water and a delicate balance between go and go slow.   There were lots of passing lanes say some and when you saw the opening, you had to take it.  And as usual on a light night, for some, the doors never opened. 

It all started just west of Pulpit Rock with a short windward leg to W in West Harbor.   Most of the fleet went west to flat hammock to fight the ebb current.   Then the long 1.6 mile downwind leg to Intrepid.  Fishers Island local Gordie Loveday in Jolly Mon led the fleet, crabbing his way, again playing the west side of the course.  It was a ghostly parade under bright blue skies.  Jolly Mon went on to take Class One. 

Then Intrepid, with a raging ebb, boats making the turn to port suddenly coming to a stop, and the scene shifted.  The fleet began to converge and Rule 18 became the primary topic of conversation.  No flags, just some nashing of teeth and a few close calls, all in slow motion. 

One of the best battles of the night was between the two Melges 32s.  Woody Berghendal has Black Ice moving well and they are nipping at the heels of Bill and Suzie Canning’s Wild Horses.   Bills gutsy move taking the inside of Zig Zag Zoom at Intrepid paid off and they were able to hold off Black Ice for the Gun, and Fleet honors.  Black Ice takes solace in correcting out over Bill’s summer rating of -6 to win Class Five. 

Wiley veterans Wes Maxwell in Swiss Cheese and Carl Fast in Looney Tunes have seen this all before.   They tacked to the east on the final leg, bee lining it for the Middle Clumps for more pressure and less current and both easily took their classes’ respective Guns.  Gee, Maxwell and Fast going the same way.  Who would have thought!  Eclipse with O.J. O’Connell driving, took Class Four for the second week in a row. 

In the dark, SeTherin nipped the time limit to close out the night.  And two to go