Wednesday - 08/01/12
Crew: Brian, Ham & RW
Wind: S, avg 5 kts
Weather: Clear, 74F, Baro 29.86
Current: flood 1740 NH
Start: GLP start area, Finish: North Hill
Course: s/f-N-s/f(L)-N(f); Distance: 4.68

Following the RC’s posting of a two lapper to North Hill and back, we chose the traditional route through the Dumplings hoping to benefit from a current lift on starboard tack then a push through the islands. A couple of minutes following our midline start, Sans Souci well to starboard tacked over to port. I don’t know if they were forced or if that was Ted’s plan, but the west side of the island sure paid off for him with a substantial lead at the windward mark.Sans Souci chose a downwind between the islands, hugging N. Dumpling’s southern shore to avoid current, while we took the more direct route on the west side not gaining any. The wind had decreased a good bit down the run.

Since it had paid off so well for Sans Souci on the first time around, we chose the western route for the last lap. Though in retrospect, I think we would have benefited more if we ‘d stuck to our original plan, as the current would have been stronger providing a more lift and greater push through the islands.

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