Crew: Brian, Dan & RW
Winds: SW at 10 kts
Weather: clear, Baro: 29.88, 72 F
Current: flood - 1751 North Hill
Start/Finish:  GLP Starting Area
Course: s/f–N–s/f *2; Distance: 6.2 nm
Shrouds: +1,+3,+2

I had brought SeTherin back from TYC earlier in the day (1115 to 1220), as we had left her there following Sunday’s Governor’s Regatta.

We had a decent start with Cosmic safely to our lee and the rest of the class trailing near the committee boat, then hung onto starboard to Flat Hammock for the port tack through the Dumplings. 

Following the set at North Hill, I chose the west side of North Dumpling.  Cosmic chose the east as did Jolly Mon. I shied away from that course fearing the current too strong, yet that early in the flood the greater wind on the east may have compensated.  Watercolors far ahead, appeared to sail nearly dead downwind, and I mistakenly emulated her, where a TgtWA of 165 would have paid off better as it did in the second run.

Our douse at the leeward mark, was slow and we lost a good minute extending on port (the unfavored tack in light air).   Sans Souci had caught up, yet we were able to cross them on starboard.

Our second beat was even better than the first with a good lift from the current, COG equaling HDM on the long starboard. 
Fortunately we ended up with a second place for our second time in the money this season.  Sixty-nine seconds faster would have put us in first.

2nd in class, 10th in fleet 

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