Crew: Brian, Monica & RW
Winds: SW at 7 kts, Baro 29.82" Temp 84F
Weather: clear,
Current: ebb - 0902 North Hill, ebb all day
Start/Finish:  Vixen Starting Area
Course: s/f–Y–E–V–R–s/f; Distance: 9 nm
Shrouds: +0,+1,+1

We had a reasonable start on starboard then tacked to port at first opportunity towards Pine Island to work out on starboard along Black Ledge. I felt encouraged by our beat to the windward mark when caught and passed a couple of the trailing Ensigns.

On the spinnaker reach down toward Silver Eel we passed another Ensign.  Out ahead I saw the two leading Ensigns (Bonanza & ) had dropped their spinnakers and were beating into the mark. All our competition had already jibed around the mark and escaped  prior to the wind change.

In a backed SE wind down to 4 to knots we found ourselves on a tight reach into the mark. Upon rounding we bore off and jibed to port right after the set.   It was a light air run all the way to Vixen. We maintained our lead on the three Ensigns, but the others increased their lead.

A good douse & rounding at Vixen allowed us to come out high and lay the windward mark precluding any tacks.   Here we made up some time on our competition, yet lost it when the wind fell off on the run to the finish.

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