Crew: Brian, Dan, Bob & RW
Winds: WSW at 12 kts
Weather: clear, Baro: 29.90, 88 F
Current: ebb - 1916 North Hill
Start/Finish: GLP Starting Area
Course: s/f–DM–L-DM-s/f
Bearing 260 at 1.25, Distance: 4.5 nm
Shrouds: +1,+3,+2

The crew arrived late, and we found ourselves rushed in the pre-start prep. We had a decent start running down the line, with Cosmic safely to our lee. 
Within a couple minutes, our good start with Cosmic a safe distance to lee fell apart as the the rig was still at 'base'.  Not being able to point with them, I tacked to port where we subsequently cinched the rig and followed Jolly Mon to the layline.
Following the start, Watercolors & Cosmic extended farther out on starboard & faired well.  We avoided that with the thought of stronger ebb offshore, though it appears they may have had a fresher breeze to compensate.
Watercolors was the first to tack followed by Cosmic.  We waited for Jolly Mon then tacked on her stern slightly to windward.
Our big mistake was holding port and overstanding. I've often remarked, we should not attempt to lay the mark from a distance out.  We should have tacked up towards the port layline, getting much closer to the mark prior to setting up on the starboard layline. Had we done so, we would have shaved a minute or more off our time, enough for a second place.

San Souci beat us to the windward mark to lead us down the , then rounded a few seconds ahead and tacked to starboard. Following the douse, we tacked also to cover.  After crossing her on starboard, I extended some then tacked for a loosedcover.
After the set, we jibed towards shore. Sans Souci to our rears maintained starboard to finish a minute behind.  Thirty-four & forty-five seconds faster would have put in third or second place respectively. 

Link to chart five minute positions
Link to chart one minute positions
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