Crew: Brian, Dan, Bob & RW
Winds: ESE 4.5 kt avg, 3 to 7 kts
Weather: OVC low ceiling, Baro: 31.02, 64 F
Current: ebb - 1916 North Hill
Start/Finish: GLP Starting Area
Course: s/f–M–s/f *2
Bearing 89, Distance: 5.22 nm
Shrouds: Base

Arriving at the boat late morning, my work on the boat was not enthusiastic in the dreary overcast & mist, and became less so in the steady drizzle of the afternoon.   Yet around five the rain quit and our spirits rose as we shoved off the dock. 

Our start was nearly opposite my OCS in last week’s abandoned race.  I started near the top of the line as planned though only after ducking Jolly Mon & Watercolors.  We hardened up on port while the rest of the class continued out on starboard towards Groton Long Point’s western shore.  Eventually, we tacked in to cross Sans Souci. That appears to have been a mistake, as we later felt there to be slightly more wind offshore, possibly enough to compensate for the dying flood.  On this assumption we continued off shore on the second beat, clear of GLP and gained nearly three minutes compared to the first upwind. Post race GPS chart show the forages offshore to have better speed.

On the last downwind and in consideration of the ebb, we chose to sail a more direct path to the finish, though a slightly fresher angle than Sans Souci; and at one point we pulled abeam.  Yet, we forgot to consider the helpful eddy along GLP’s eastern shore, which may have benefited San Souci. Maybe a closer cover would have allowed to us to close the gap from a rears.  The minute, 38 seconds deficit could easily have been compensated over the duration of the race. 

Though our first race and a bit rusty, the spinnaker work by the crew was smooth.  We need to work on our tacks some, and I most of all on our starts.

My theory about an easterly wind with overcast, lasting through the race held true.

Sans Souci 1st  in class 4th in fleet
SeTherin    2nd in class, 9th in fleet. 

First upwind 00:34:15
Second upwind 00:30:30
First downwind: 00:23:45
Second downwind: 00:23:30

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