Crew: Brian, Dan & RW
Winds: S 2 to 4 kts
Weather: clear
Current: flood – 1943 North Hill
Start/Finish: GLP Starting Area
Course: s/f–DM–s/f , Bearing 179, Distance: .8  nm
Shrouds: +0, +0, +0

We had a very good start windward of the fleet neat the RC, with Sans Souci to our lee, with Cosmic and the rest farther down the line.  Our pre-start wind checks along with an expected ebb lift led to a port favored strategy.  Sans Souci was the first to tack, followed shortly after by Cosmic (while Jolly Mon and the rest continued on out on starboard).  I delayed till we were well to windward of both, and we were fortunate to end up in a much better wind band. 

We could see a slight ripple on the water ahead and left near the finish. About two-thirds of the way out, Cosmic tacked to port, while Sans Souci hung on to the layline. Looking at our GPS chart, shows that that may have worked at about 1815 had we done so also; though I  was hesitant to do so in the extremely light air, keeping our tacks to a minimum. 

Breakin’ Wind having initially gone left was nearly the first to finish, though tacked too soon for the layline and got hung up at the pin. 

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