Crew: Brian, Seth, Bob & RW
Winds: SE @ 7 kts, low 4 - peak 9 kts, Avg: 7.2 kts @ 133
Weather: Clear & sunny Temp 67 F; Baro 29.95
Current: ebb - 1806 Ram Island, 1831 North Hill
Start/Finish: offshore of GLP Starting Area
Course: s/f–I–s/f *2; Distance: 3.3 nm
Shrouds: Waters Base 13, 21, 16

Finally some sunny weather.

We had a reasonably good start at the RC leading Watercolors, yet trailing Sans Souci by a boat length or two.  For three minutes we tried climbing above her, then gave up for short board on port, and rounded at Intrepid a half-dozen lengths ahead with a good set.

Staying high, we worked our way a bit north away from Sans Souci behind. She appeared to sail (better) directly downwind in the light air nearer to the rhumbline; and without need of jibing and rounded ten lengths ahead. We followed with a clean douse to work our way out on port in the freshest air of the evening.

Somewhat overstood on the layline we closed the gap as Sans Souci came in on port to round just ahead.  On the set, we bore away into a jibe, and sat on San Souci’s starboard hip for about four minutes. Impatient, I called a jibe for a fresher starboard, allowing us to pull ahead for a short while. But it did not last.  Maybe a jibe back to consolidate, would have maintained our lead. As it was she slowly pulled back ahead to cross 45 seconds ahead.

SeTherin’s boatspeed appears to be very close (especially in light air) to that of the Ensign “Sans Souci”, a verification of the identical ratings. We need to develop a better cover strategy.

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