Crew: Brian, Bob & RW
Winds: SW, 4 to 5 at the start, 8-12 kts, gusts 15 (1st lap avg 10 kts);
Second lap avg: 4 kts, early 11,
Weather: Clear, Temp 71 F; Baro 29.83
Current: ebb - begin at 1806 North Hill
Start time: 1800
Start/Finish: GLP s/f & Silver Eel
Course: s/f–DM–s/f-E;
Distance: 248 at 1.2, plus 215 at 2.75 to E
Total 5.15 nm
Shrouds: +2,+0,+2; +2,+3,+2; 0,0,0

It was just Brian, Bob & I, as Seth & Megan are spending the week on the Jersey Shore. We had an excellent start (in a five knot breeze) all alone near the pin, with the class consuming the upper half of the line near the committee boat. 
As we continued out on starboard the wind gradually freshened and headed.  Tacking, we found ourselves nearly laying the mark.  Wunderdog crossed close ahead on, then tacking to starboard pulled away as Draggin-Z passed closer to windward.  Though concerned with the lack of clear air, I decided to hang in rather than waste time on two tacks. As a result we lost some distance & gauge (also increased our layline).  

Wunderdog & Draggin-Z rounded first, followed by Cosmic. As I began to bear off for mark, Clockwork tacked right in front of us. I luffed-up, cleared his stern and came above, with them between us and the mark as we rounded. Salud rounded slightly behind was able to pull away (larger chute) to leeward. Clockwork had some trouble with their set, so we pulled half a boatlength ahead to windward and stayed that way to the leeward mark. Halfway down the run, the RC announced a course change to Silver Eel for the next lap. The leaders arrived and escaped prior to the larger boats converging. We were not so lucky. Shorthanded, we opted for a conservative douse following Clockwork overlapped inside around the mark, in the company of two or three other boats (Leda, Crystal, etc.)

Back on starboard as first opportunity, we elected to pass west of the Dumplings fearing the current stronger between the islands.  On our second starboard just northwest of N. Dumpling, the wind began its demise. Committed now, we began our shift to light air mode, eventually setting the reacher just past North Hill; switching back the to the genoa five to ten minutes short of the finish.

Link to chart (landscape)
Link to chart (portrait)