Crew: Brian, Seth, Bob & RW
Winds: WSW, avg 6.7 kts, 3-9 kts, gusts 10, lulls 3
Weather: Clear, Temp 49-52 F;
Baro 30.01
Current: ebb - North Hill 1401
Start time: 1800, 04:00 into ebb
Start/Finish: between Horseshoe & GLP
Course: s/f–B–I–s/f; Shortened at “I”; Distance: 5.0 nm
Shrouds: +2,+1,+2, back to base half way to “B”

After spending two hours in the water working on the bottom, my arms & shoulders were tired from hanging off the side of the boat. 


We planned on starting near the pin with the thought of immediately tacking to port, traffic allowing.  As the pin was farther offshore (and the current withering), I figured we’d weather Horseshoe without tacking.  Just shy of the gun with Salud the only boat between us and the pin, a header precluded our crossing, so we bailed onto port and ducked a few sterns.   

Settling down for a long port, we found ourselves safely abeam to windward of Sans Souci a few boat lengths.   Nearing Horseshoe, we found ourselves losing gage to Sans Souci. They may have benefited from slightly less current closer to shore.  Yet after pointing up and clearing Horseshoe, they continued to pull away as well as pointing better, not sure why.  We eased the sails & moved the starbard genoa car to 4.5.

We were befuddled - slower & not pointing as well as the Ensign.   We tacked out twice and the air seemed a little fresher back on port, especially the second time.  By now Sans Souci was far ahead.  Still concerned about our speed, Brian flossed the keel, and backed off the rig tenson to base.  Abeam “B” we tacked offshore and things improved. Then appearing to have overstood, I bore off (a mistake). Nearing the mark we had caught up to Sans Souci (as she had gone too far west), yet we got rolled by two larger boats, forcing us down and requiring a pair of tacks to round still trailing Sans Souci.

The set went well, with both “She’s the Boss” & “Tumult” inside of us shortly after rounding.  As they pulled ahead we jibed to port (as had the vast majority of the fleet) for a loose cover of Sans Souci ahead. Looking towards the shore, we figured they had done so for more wind. Current wise it was better to favor offshore. 

We switched back to starboard as the shore boats did not appear to be doing all that well.  It appeared we were ahead of Sans Souci at the jibe. After a few minutes the wind freshened to seven & eight knots. Sans Souci farther to port was able to benefit from a fresher angle and slowly pull back ahead.  Tumult was one of the few that never jibed and maybe benefited from better current offshore, in spite of their more direct downwind angle.

Four areas of concern:

1-       Boat speed & lack of pointing

·         Trimmed too tight?

·         Shroud settings?

·         Weight farther forward*

2-       Genoa cars too far forward.
Both cars should have been farther aft; starboard car at 4.5, port even farther aft (near 5) on the starboard tacks working offshore against the waves.

3-       Do not bear off when it appears we've overstood, until very near the mark & assured.  Especially, with adverse current likely increasing nearing the mark. 

4-       Took the port jibe too far towards the Connecticut shore


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