Crew: Brian, Bob & RW
Winds: S 6-12 kts, gusts 17, lulls 3
Weather: overcast
Current: ebb - North Hill 1428
Start time: 1800, 03:32 into ebb
Start/Finish: between Horseshoe & GLP
Course: s/f–N–I–s/f–N–s/f; Distance: 6.9nm
Shrouds: +3,+5,+2

In addition to being shorthanded last night, three or four mistakes set us back to a fifth place finish; one in sail handling, the others in strategy & tactics. At North Hill on the first set, the sheet & guy crossed1 on the hoist, where we lost a good minute if not more. That’s the second time this season that the chute has gone up with the clews together.  I’ll devise a better method of preventing crossed sheets.

We had a great midline start & quickly tacked to favored port, crossing Cosmic and a handful of boats. On both beats, we worked the middle2 & 3 to cover Cosmic. On the second beat, we mistakingly overstood4 North Dumpling, not as badly as Cosmic ahead though.
The majority of our class worked the middle up the beats, while Watercolors, as well as Salud went far right and appeared to lay North Hill on one tack, moves that worked well for them.  Tumult ran through the Dumplings on the second downwind as well to finish ahead of us, though rather far back on corrected time.
Too many tacks up the middle covering Cosmic.

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