Crew: Brian, Seth, Bob & RW
Winds: S at 3 to 7 kts
Current: flood - North Hill 1740
Start time: 1800, 00:20 into flood
Start/Finish: Vicinity of Intrepid Rock
Course: s/f-W-I, Distance: 2.3 nm
Shrouds: at Base

Actuality was replicating the forecast wind wise, and wisely the RC chose a West Harbor course (a two lapper), one with the best opportunity of wind and the least current.  We got a good mid-line start at speed; Cosmic clear to our lee, Watercolors trailing to windward.   Cosmic pulled ahead, eventually Watercolors passed and as their wind-shadow became evident, we tacked to clear and found we were lifted ever so slightly with a favorable current push, so hung on port till assured entrance to the West Harbor approaches.

Back on the starboard tack, we discovered a gain on Cosmic as they crossed our bow.  Another port took clear of Flat Hammock’s southern point, and had we continued a bit farther we may have appreciated a bit more of a wind near Hawk’s Nest Point.  We ran into a light spot short of the port layline, while watching Cosmic paralleling us to windward benefit from a knot or more breeze.  Another tack set us up for a short starboard layline and rounding with a temporary hourglass for a few seconds.   Watercolors and Jolly Mon having rounded a few minutes ahead were sailing quite deep while Cosmic was reaching over towards Clay Point where there appeared to be a bit more wind.  I favored Cosmic’s course yet bore off at every opportunity to get deeper.   We followed Cosmic’s jibe paralleling them for a short while, till it became evident the wind the wind was lighter on the left, so we took a jibe back to starboard towards West Clump.

As we cleared C”1” at Pulpit Rock, the faster classes were over taking us to starboard. Rather than continue on a fresh reach against the current and get shadowed, we elected a port jibe towards Intrepid.  Nearing Intrepid a short starboard took us across the finish (course now shortened to one lap) a couple minutes behind Cosmic correcting us to second.

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