Today was to be the last event of the “Spring-Series” and it was abandoned due to threat of thunderstorms.  This must be a record for races abandoned in the Spring-Series.  We’ve only completed four of the seven scheduled.   I arrived at Spicers' during the height of the storm at 0100 and was hanging around listening to “Liberty and Tyranny” for the fourth time when Seth called at 0230 to tell me the race had been abandoned.  Interestingly, on the way home as I crossed the Thames River, the sky was clearing in the west and the evening was looking promising.

Groton Airport Weather
 5 PM  Jul 01 68.0 T 64.0 DP 29.79 (1008) E 8
 6 PM  Jul 01 68.0 T 64.9 DP 29.78 (1008) E 9
7 PM  Jul 01 68.0 T 64.9 DP 29.79 (1008) E 8
8 PM  Jul 01 66.0 T 64.0 DP 29.81 (1009) ESE 16