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SeTherin participates in two types of races. Wednesday night races held by the Mystic River Mudheads Sailing Association. On weekends SeTherin races local ECSA races off the shores of Eastern Connecticut and Fishers Island, NY. Again this year we are racing spinnaker on the weekend races as well as the Wednesday Night Series.

Tall BouyMudhead Wednesday Series Racing
Mudhead Wednesday Night Race Results 2007
Spring Series Results5/235/306/066/136/206/277/3
SeTherin ResultsDNCDNCDNCDNC3rd1st6th
Summer Series Results7/117/187/258/18/88/158/22
SeTherin Results5th6th3rd6th1st1st1st
*SeTherin 2nd MRMSA 2007 Summer Season Overall
Small Bouy Eastern Connecticut Sailing Association Racing
Race Dates 2007 RacesCrew Results
6/24 SatShennecossett YC - Pine IslandKG, MC, SR, RW 1st
7/07 Sat Watch Hill Horton Racen/aDNC
7/15 SunThames Governor's Regatta KG, SR, BF, RW 1st
7/21 SatMudhead - Leukemia Cupn/aDNS
7/28 SatEssex Rum Challengen/aDNC
7/29 SunNorth Cove Outer Light Regattan/aDNC
8/04 SatWatch Hill Fuller RaceBB, MM, SR, RW 1st
8/18 Sun Mason Island Round RegattaBB, BF, EM, RW DNS
8/26 SatRam Island InvitationalBF, SR, RW 1st
9/01 Sat Fishers Island Island RaceBB, SR, RW 4th
9/09 SunThames Commodore's TrophyEM, SR, BF, RW 4th
9/22 SatMystic Fall RegattaBB, SR, BF, RW2nd
ECSA Divisional StandingsDivision 5th | Overall 15th