Crew: Brian, Bob, Seth & RW
Current: flood - Ram  1000
Winds: SE (165 avg) at 4 to 6 kts
Start/Finish: offshore of Horseshoe
Course: s/f- DM -s/f, *3, Distance: 9.1 nm
Shrouds: @ base

What was supposed to be a three lap windward/leeward course, ended up being a reach-fest, with half the race a close-reach (occassionallly a beat) into a knot and a half current. We would have faired better having a reaching spinnaker on the downwinds, as the angle was a bit tight for our AP, though it would not have made a difference as too much was lost bucking the current on the upwinds, with no opportunity for avoidance.

6th place (last)
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