Date: 08/10/2002 Log Entry: Race
Distance: 12.0 Weather: SW 10 to 4 to 17 knots, clear 80's Current: ebb 1244 Ram
Course: Stngtn Hbr – Intrepid –Silver Eel – Intrepid- s/f Crew: Kim, Laura, Bob & RW

Watch Hill YC - Fuller Race


Our major mistake was over anticipating the ebb, and sailing in between R"20" and Ram Island, I believe the current was actually stronger in there, that early in the ebb, and there certainly was less wind in there. We should have stayed out, and rode the last of the flood inertia.


I saw Hat Trick struggling up between the Dumplings. We went up the east side of Flat Hammock, lot less current and decent wind till we got to North Hill, too much current and no wind.


Polperro & On Cue went west of the North Dumbling also.  It really paid off for Polperro.  It looked like On Cue hugged the CT shore too long with little benefit of wind before they bailed out and across to Silver Eel. We patiently worked our way west of North Hill on port then finally tacked to starboard where we soon got a favorable current and the new wind out of the SW helping us towards Silver Eel .  From then on, it was real sailing. The reach from Intrepid was a ball, with a real horse race with Pilgrim the last mile


By the time we got back to Noank, it was too late for us to drive over to Watch Hill.