Sunday, July 15, 2007
Crew: Kevin, Bob, Seth & RW
Course: Vixen to Silver Eel & Return Distance: 6.0 nm
Winds: SSW at 12 (gusts 15) Barometer: 29.90, Temp: 73 F Current: ebb 1215 Ram Island
After a near two-hour postponement waiting for wind, things finally got going a bit before 1400 hours. With the standard five-minute spacing, we were the third class starting following Non-spinnaker & the Ensigns. I opted for the pin end thinking once we tacked to port for our westing, we’d have clear air. Instead the pin got mighty busy; yet we came out of it with no great down side and soon tacked to port.

With series of tacks (Bob & Kevin on the sheets, Seth skirting), starboard favored, winds averaging 13, up to fifteen and occasionally down to 10, we had a great beat down to Silver Eel and caught a number of Ensigns. Coming in on port at the mark, we tacked comfortably in front of Ensigns: Sagacious & Sam, giving Seth just enough time to set the pole. A jibe-set would have been the hot-ticket, yet we were not prepared for it, so jibed to port immediately after the rounding with Sagacious & Sam along side us to port. Becoming impatient, we purposely slowed the boat and crossed their transoms. We then pulled too far away to port & sailed a bit too high for too long, giving us a slower angle near the finish, though it could have been worse had the wind not picked back up to fourteen the last few minutes. Sagacious & Sam crossed 45 & 42 seconds ahead of us.

At the awards presentation Carl Brower announced we missed 2nd place by 3 seconds.

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——Breaking News—— Corrected Governor’s Results From: CalPCTC Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 5:38 pm

Hi, all: Bad news for 2 and good news for 1. As a result of a revelation made known to me by Lloyd McDonald, who did the corrected times on Sunday, the results of Class 2 have changed significantly. The root of the problem is that Lloyd inadvertently put in the wrong starting times, therefore changing the corrected times. In the end, Gnat goes to 2nd, Rusty-Nail goes to 3rd and SeTherin takes 1st. Both Lloyd and I sincerely apologize for this error. Our next step is to arrange for trophy swaps. I would appreciate any ideas on how to do that. This is an unfortunate experience and I’m glad it was caught early enough so that ECSA results have not been tainted. The typical audit process which is normally done before final results are distributed was stepped up to yesterday and today and will allow clean distribution. I sincerely regret the mis-calculations and I hope you understand. Best regards, Cal

SeTherin, Mark Drive YC; Catalina 22 Gnat, Kevin Farrar; Canning 23 Rusty Nail, Jackie & Cliff Fisher; Pearson 31 Sparky, Ron Levine; J-24 Salud, Sarges/Bergeron; Pearson 30 Checkered Demon, Neal O’Connell; Holland Custom 30